Blue Mountain Gallery
Marcia Clark: In Search of Ice
February 26-March 22, 2008

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This "virtual installation" preserves the colors
and dimensions of work from an actual show.
Framing and sequence, however, are arbitrary.

Digital installation of 2011 Marcia Clark exhibition

GLACIER, SVALBARD #2   2007   oil/Mylar   29"x46" HARDANGER VIDDA   2007   oil on collaged Denril    16"x11"
ICE, ICEBERG, BAFFIN BAY   2007   oil/aluminum   8"x11"

GUARDIAN   2007   oil/canvas on panel   10½"x12"
SURF, BAFFIN BAY   2007   oil/canvas on panel   9½"x12¾"

DRIFT, ISLAND, DISTANT ICEBERG   2007   oil/aluminum   8"x12¾"
  NEAR ST JOHNS   2005   oil on Denril on map   27"x26" MUSEUM WITH BOAT   2007   oil/aluminum   8"x8"

ISLAND, DISTANT ICEBERG   2007   oil/aluminum   5"x8"

ICE STUDY #1   2007   oil/aluminum   5"x8"

BLUE-GREEN ICE STUDY   2007   oil and oil stick on aluminum   5¼"x8"
BLUE GLACIER SKETCH   2007   oil stick and oil/canvas   16"x20"

GLACIER, SVALBARD #1   2006   oil/canvas   18"x24"
  MAGDALENA FIORD   2007   oil/Mylar   44"x42"
NEWFOUNDLAND #1   2005   oil/Denril   12"x32"

ICE, BAFFIN BAY   2007   oil/canvas   12" x 30"
BRIKSDALSBREEN (DETAIL)   2008   oil on collaged Mylar   89"x136"(detail of original painting)
UPERNAVIK PANORAMA #2   2008   oil/canvas   18" x 50"

WAITING FOR ICEBERGS, TWILLINGATE   2008   oil/Mylar   22"x64"
ICEBERG ON MAP   2007   oil stick and mixed media   10½"x15"

ICE IN BAY, EVENING, YELLOW LIGHT   pencil and oil stick/paper   7½"x9¾"

UPERNAVIK PANORAMA #1   2007   oil/Denril   16"x31" ICE MOUNTAIN, SVALBARD   2007   oil and oil stick   12"x15"