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About this web site

This website presents high quality images of artwork from actual exhibitions, inserted digitally into a virtual gallery. These previews are intended to augment the information available in press releases, exhibition catalogues and magazine advertisements.

This site can also be reached at www.eprev.com

Exhibitionpreview.com offers a unique “stroll-through” experience of gallery exhibitions. The virtual installations give an immediate impression of the scale of the artwork and its relationship to the viewer.

All work is depicted at true relative size with color replicated as accurately as possible. Scrolling horizontally, viewers can wander and linger as they choose. Titles, dates, media, and dimensions appear when a mouse hovers over individual images. Clicking enlarges them; clicking again anywhere on the screen closes the large images.

The "installations" on this site are designed to accommodate monitors with resolution as low as 800 x 600.

Exhibitionpreview.com was designed and launched and is currently maintained by
Nimble Eye Design LLC, a graphic arts company focusing on web site construction.

Browser compatibility

This web site is compatible with recent versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.
Criteria and fees for exhibitions

Exhibitionpreview.com is unaffiliated with any gallery or institution. The "installations” here conform only to these conditions:

  • All artwork must be part of an installation currently installed (or to appear within the next 6 weeks) at an established gallery. The selection must reflect the overall exhibition.
  • All work must be wall-hung.
  • Other than captions for artwork, text is limited to a gallery-issued press release, available as a link.

When images of suitable quality are provided, the fee is $150 for an "installation" of up to 15 images. It will be featured as one of the "latest installations" at the top of this page for the duration of its actual gallery installation, and then listed under the archived previews (available in the drop-down menu also at top of this page.) Please note that images must be accompanied by title, date, medium and dimensions.

If high quality images are not on hand, we may be able to photograph work available for viewing in the NYC area, at additional expense.

Please address inquiries to jg@nimble-eye.com

A note on color accuracy

Every effort is made to ensure color accuracy. The images on this site have been captured with high quality cameras and edited using GretagMacbeth calibrated equipment. All images are converted to sRGB color space for web viewing. The final appearance of images, however, depends on the condition of the viewer’s monitor.

Calibration is the first, crucial step in assuring accurate color on your monitor, and it’s relatively easy to do. Fairly good calibration is free with Photoshop:


Relatively inexpensive hardware will calibrate your monitor more accurately:




Note: lower-quality LCD screens can be difficult to calibrate.


Please address comments or inquiries about this site to: jg@nimble-eye.com